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Strongly desired by his founders with over 30 years experience in this field , NUOVA TECNO TAU (NTT) enter in the Magnet Wire market in 2005. For the machines realization NTT can count on the cooperation of its sister companies all located few kilometers far away from the Head Quarter, today NTT is the only company in this industry that boast to build machines entirely in Europe. Today NTT is World Leader in the construction of enamelling machines for round and flat wire, copper and aluminum, as well as can count on a very renowned After Sale Service appreciated by all customers. In order to give always a better service, NTT established inside his structure an additional branch used exclusively to design and produce spare parts according to the customer’s need and demand.

Research and Development

Since Ever, in this field, to stay on the top of the market and to be competitive we must be one step ahead of our competitors, we have to propose always new solution to our customers.
For this reason NTT every year invest in Research and Development (R&D) with the precise purpose to make easy the customer’s life creating more efficiency in their companies.
NTT doesn’t want to be a simple supplier, NTT want to be PARTNER of its customers because “ THEIR SUCCESS IT’S OUR SUCCESS”


During the years NTT specialized itself in the Study, Design and realization of tailor made plants able to satisfy the customer’s needs. The Machines are completely made and assembled in NTT premise, this is the only way to keep under control and guarantee the quality of our machinery.
All the machines realized in NTT match the most strict normative in terms of safety and pollution.


The entire machining process, from the raw material to the finished product, it’s totally made inside the NTT premise, NTT has at his own disposal a lot of machines using the latest technology available for the metal works included a Laser cutting machine.
All the internal part of the Ovens made in INOX is designed, cut and welded by very specialized operators with a particular care of detail, all welds are tested by special chemical product to prove that the welding has been correctly done.

After Sale Service

For NTT the After Sale Service is an integral part of the Sales Department.
By choosing NTT you have decided to be part of the "ELITE" of customers who have not simply purchased a plant but have become part of a constant process of modernizing technology.
“To grant the Customer’s satisfaction by quick and efficient technical problem solution, Answer to the Customer’s needs by direct phone contact or physical technical intervention”
This is the philosophy that drive our After Sale Service Department.
The “Commissioning” staff is made by high qualified technicians having long experience in this filed.
The aim of NTT’s Technicians is to start the machine, reach the performances granted in the contract and train the Customer’s technicians and operators.
A well organized Spare Parts warehouse, able to satisfy “Just in Time” any customer’s demand, gives to the NTT’s After Sale Department an efficiency level that has no equal in this business.

Our customers

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NTT innovations

NUOVA TECNO TAU can boast to be the only company in the Magnet Wire field where all the mechanical components assembled in its plants are built, machined, controlled and assembled within its production facilities, using the latest machinery and highly qualified personnel.

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